Will my car pass inspection with the abs and traction control lights on?? Yes, your car should pass the inspection if everything else is working properly. The inspector answers these two bulb check questions as either a PASS or FAIL. The light will display as the acronym “ABS.” Your ABS exists to keep your car from skidding dangerously during braking. If the light is not working, the vehicle will FAIL the test, because the purpose of the light is to alert the driver of the vehicle that there is a problem with the OBDII system (exceeding emissions) and the vehicle needs to be diagnosed and repaired. While the inspection checklist provided below does not guarantee that your vehicle will pass inspection, reading them carefuly will prepare you for the inspection process and could increase your chances of passing your Vehcle Safety Inspection. Ok I just recently bought a Chevy Tahoe 2001 and the abs light and brake light come on every now and then brakes are brand new but wanted to know if it doesn't come on during inspection will they still know maybe something is wrong ..and is the test they do at auto zone same as inspection tester ..please people don't be rude the vehicle will pass inspection when that is not true . Inspections are offered at more than 1,800 licensed inspection stations in Massachusetts. Anyone presenting their car for a state inspection must have a current proof of Texas insurance. July 25, 2010. In Illinois (near Chicago and East St. Louis) all vehicles are required a biannual emissions test. The third brake light wasn't standard in vehicles years ago; it's applicable to 1985 and later cars, and 1994 and later trucks that have … When the state’s motor vehicle inspection program switches over to new machines in October, it’ll still cost $35 to get a sticker on your car. Produced by Texas Department of Public Safety Regulatory Services Division . What to bring to your Texas Vehicle Safety Inspection. The other warning lights that cannot be on in order for you to pass your state vehicle inspection in Texas include the “check engine” light, this indicates that your car may not safe to be on the road. You don’t want to have the car suddenly breakdown when you’re driving around in Sugar Land or Stafford traffic. All vehicles driven on Massachusetts roads must pass an annual safety inspection. Asked by tezludin in Quincy, MA on . Passenger Cars, Light Duty Trucks & Trucks Under 80” Wide . VEHICLE INSPECTION . We will check to make sure that the VIN on the insurance card matches up with the VIN on the are being presented for inspection. 1997 Cadillac DeVille. The abs light is not a reason for rejection on why you shouldn't pass the inspection. At least 50 percent of the bulbs have to be on and be illuminated to pass inspection," says inspection technician Sam Upchurch. I live in Mass This would be considered a safety issue wouldn't it . Vehicles with onboard diagnostic systems manufactured after model year 2006 must pass an annual emissions test. When an issue arises with your anti-lock brake system (ABS), a corresponding light will illuminate on your dashboard. THIS TRAINING IS PROPERTY OF THE TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY. and therefore the car will probably not pass right?? Every time a customer brings their car in for an inspection the first thing we check is the insurance.