Still, the all-inclusive resorts are locked in heavy competition all year so this area can be a great deal compared to the alternatives, even in high season. December is an ideal month in most of Southeast Asia, except for much of the coast of Vietnam, which gets rain this month. You might know as much about the country as I do, aside from those places I’ve visited. There are a few towns off the coast with jungle tours and other sites, and the Tikal ruins (amazing) is not far away inside Guatemala. You’re in luck! As you know, your honeymoon dates are right in the heart of the Christmas and New Year’s travel season, so flights to most places are going to be expensive. It’s something to think about because it doesn’t get much cheaper than Goa for beaches anywhere in the world. Still, compared to, say, Miami Beach, Cancun and the other Mexican resort towns are far cheaper and at least as fun as well. It’s obviously peak season there as well so nothing will be cheap. It's also important to mention that Phuket is an island with more than a dozen different beach towns, each with its own personality and price range. I totally agree based on my own experiences and research, although there are a few places where they should be taken more seriously than others. One reason that Vietnam isn’t as popular as it could be is that travelers often feel a bit hounded when they are there. Spend at least a few days in Bangkok and then either go to one of the islands like Phuket or Kho Samui, or head up to Chiang Mai for its temples and shopping and outdoor activities. I like diversity, definitely not into trekking or just laying on a beach. I totally agree about the solo traveling thing being down to luck in many cases. As you might expect, Europe’s larger cities are all crowded and busy during December, many with great Christmas decorations and events. I’m a solo 30 year old male traveler and was thinking of Sri Lanka for 14 days in December. When it does rain it’s usually over in 15 minutes, but often the rain comes over night. The best places in December with good weather and that are inexpensive and also fairly close to India are Sri Lanka and Thailand, and they are both mentioned in the article above. The other option is Costa Rica, which has great surf along the Pacific coast and is definitely the adventure capital of Central America. so we cannot take long flights, we cannot go to places which are very crowded and hustling and bustling. I appreciated your precious advices. My wife isn’t keen to go to Asia . Fortunately, there are big parts of the world that have their best weather of the year at this time, and are very cheap as well, once you get there. If you haven’t been to the San Blas Islands in Panama that is another possibility, although it isn’t as easy to reach. It’s worth a couple days on its own if you are going to visit one of the other places I mentioned. Let me know if you have other questions. December is the time to catch good deals and weather. Night of the Radishes) on December 23. Bonaire, i understand that Sicily, Sardinia and Tuscany have these . -Roger, Thanks for the quick and as always detailed reply. United Kingdom Thailand is quite a tidy place, as you know, and Vietnam and Cambodia are similar. Like a AC3 ticket might cost US$20, and for an extra US$4, your hotel will go buy it for you and it’ll be waiting at the front desk later that day. Morocco is a bit too cold in December to really qualify as having “great weather” but it does make the list in spring and autumn for sure. So far I am considering Rome for 6 nights, Venice for 2 and Munich for 6 nights. I think they invented zip-lining and the country is about one-third national parks with all kinds of fun activities. >>>Guanacaste prices and travel tips We review prices and value here, Caribbean all-inclusive resorts are on sale at, Save an extra 5% off low-priced Europe hotel rooms with this code, Groupon’s localized travel offers are very impressive, Cancun vacation packages are US$100 or more off right now, Hostels are now on sale: Book soon to lock in up to 50% off, 56 European cities by price: Europe Backpacker Index for 2020, The 13 Best-value cities in Europe for budget travelers in 2017, Europe trip-planning guide: Itineraries, transport, accommodation, city passes, and more, 7 Reasons Southeast Asia is much better than Europe for budget travelers, 12 best-value cities in Asia for budget travelers, Cheapest cruise lines for 2020 Caribbean cruises – 11 lines ranked by price, Should you buy a 2020 Eurail Pass? Also, if its not too much to ask and too hard to pin down, what places/destinations would make your top 10 or 15 in all? Even the modest hotels on the resort islands are fairly expensive by Asian standards. Founded by Mormons (Latter Day Saints) in 1847, this capital city boasts an impressive Mormon Temple. There’s a nice beach there and a bit farther away is Denang, which has large resorts along an excellent beach. I’ve not been to Bhutan and I believe you have to go there on an organized tour. 1. because they had a great itinerary for us factoring in how late we are booking this for Christmas/New Year 2016/17. I actually lived in a small Mediterranean town in Turkey for over a year, and unfortunately it’s not a good place to go in December. Hey great picks, what about morocco though? Bangkok is another huge city but it’s also somewhat exotic compared to the other two, and much cheaper as well. Let me know if you have any other questions. More so, I went to Punta Cana last October during the cold period and it was gorgeous every day, and what little rain fell was usually overnight or little drops that you could stay on the beach unbothered. 3 Nights Madrid & 3 Nights Barcelona . If you are going to that region I suggest you visit a site called, which is by far the best website on SE Asia and it’s run by a friend of mine who lives in Bali. Hi, I am from the African Continent and have travelled extensively in December in this region as it is our summer vacations. The cheaper option would be Southeast Asia or even India. And one of my favorite things about San Juan is that because it’s a real city with a gorgeous historical district, you meet a lot of real people rather than just fellow tourists who are probably all in couples or groups already. Indulge in its beaches, mountains, culture, food, and more. I think Sri Lanka would be wonderful for 2 weeks in December. Price isn’t really an issue – crowds are as my husband has some anxiety. I’ll be happy to give you some suggestions, but it would really help to know your starting point and approximate budget. Thanks for commenting. They tend to last around 5 days, so you could do that in conjunction with a visit to South Africa itself. Hi Roger, You could also do a side trip to Nha Trang (wonderful beaches) or Dalat up in the mountains. My Husband and I plan to holiday in a warm place in December from the 20th away from Namibia where we live. -Roger. All of your best choices will be on that list, and most of the best and most famous ones are closer to the bottom because they tend to be pricey. Sweden Our budget would be within 3-4 lakhs (INR) for both of us.say around 4500-5800 USD ( 1 USD = 68 Rs ) The driest and coolest month of the year, Bangkok is ideal during December, or at least as ideal as it's ever going to get. Valencia The area in the north around the town of Tamarindo is the more luxurious part of the country, but there are many other beach towns on both coasts that could work for you. Bruges, They have good connections to many destinations. >>>Mexico City prices and travel tips Monaco If you had something different in mind please let me know and I’ll try again. Hopefully that gives you some ideas. Last year we went to Colorado which was awesome but I’m not sure we want another cold vacation though it’s not out of the question! Dubai, Canada I like the idea of visiting the 3 Italian cities then flying to Paris and hoping on a train to Amsterdam. Problem! Conditions can be slippery and dangerous, so it's safest to book a guide. It’s all quite safe as well, as long as you keep your wits about you. One trip from one month (december) or 3-4 smaller trips untill may-june? December and January are the busiest two months in Dubai, primarily because it's one of the closest places to Europe that actually has warm weather this time of year and is also safe. I know it’ll be freezing down there in December but how about places like Spain.. Portugal ..France ? In fact, Cancun is probably the most expensive of them, so especially if you are coming from the west coast you are better off in Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, or Los Cabos instead. Malaga, I hear east coast is monsoon season but what about west coast beach areas in Malaysia in Dec and Jan time? Hey roger what a beautiful web site i have travelled almost the world on business but wana travel to some out skirt location in europe aroubd december .. With my family can u pls suggest moutians , beaches and some adventure .. It is not coming cheap though. Anjuna is famous for its beach raves and music scene, but I’ve honestly heard nice things about many other beach areas in Goa. One suggestion I will make is to consider visiting Rome for 3 or 4 nights and then base yourself down on Sorrento for the remaining 2 or 3 nights. Air Asia now flies from the US to Asia and at good fares. Nicaragua We are on a strict budget constraint so which one of these two will be a better option as far as budget goes ? Nearly all of those resorts also have island villas and rooms and those can start at as low as US$100 per night, but you also have to pay for a speedboat or sea-plane transfer from Male Airport to your resort. The rainy season typically ends early in December, but even when it’s still going it tends to be quick downpours, as you are no doubt familiar with if you’ve been all over southeast Asia. I have been to Singapore but only on transit. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hi again Roger, sorry for the delay in my reply. I am looking for another destination If you are thinking about a city break instead you should check out our recommended cheap London hotels, our recommended cheap Paris hotels, and our recommended cheap Amsterdam hotels, recommended cheap Rome hotels, recommended cheap Prague hotels, and recommended cheap Berlin hotels. Thank you. It’s worth visiting both of those along with Halong Bay near Hanoi and Hoi An in the center of the country on your way between them. The Caribbean seems too far from you, and Australia will be crowded and expensive in its better beach areas such as Sydney and Brisbane. Based on your inputs we are looking at either Vietnam or beaches of thailand. Interlaken, Egypt is definitely one of the cheapest places to travel in December, and the weather is surprisingly nice as well. But having not yet done one, I wouldn’t feel comfortable offering specific advice. While you're here, make time for a walk along The Strip, a trip to the Mob Museum, and a tour of the nearby Grand Canyon. The weather in Spain in December is okay, but still quite cold for most people. Mid life crisis. Thanks. Costa Rica is obviously one of the hot countries in December in both temperature and popularity, so book early. Hanoi is really interesting and nice (and super cheap). We don’t surf and we don’t snorkel. (excluding my flights I would prefer not to spend more than 4k USD for my entire vacation) southernmost part of these areas? Drive it for 3 or so days on the North Island, and then onto the ferry to the South Island for the rest of your time. If your main priorities are beaches, sunshine, and nightlife, my favorites are Goa, India; Boracay Island, Philippines; and almost any of the Thai islands. If you were looking for a place to go for 2 or 3 days, I wouldn’t recommend it because it does take some time to get there and you could be a bit unlucky with the rain. Netherlands Antilles I spent a month in Phuket the following December, interestingly enough, and I prefer Bali even though it’s hotter and more humid. Lovely weather and beach. Only Mormons are allowed inside, but the rest of us can marvel at the architecture from the sidelines. Unfortunately I’ve only been to Cartagena in Colombia, although I know of some travel bloggers who live in Medellin and love it there. As long as you are okay with cold weather then it’s mostly down to budget and your main interests. As you have probably noticed, the rainy season in Bali can be VERY rainy at times, which is why I didn’t put it on the list during the worst months. Let's face it, you're likely heading to Mexico for some sol, so plan to spend quality time poolside. It looks to be a similar distance from India, but I don’t know if there are cheap flights. Those are the most obvious choices and hopefully that gives you something to consider. Find cheap … There is frequent and cheap bus service from Singapore going through Malacca and onto KL. However, it’s small and doesn’t come close for cultural activities or natural sights, although other parts of the Philippines are better in those regards. Antigua and Barbuda We love adventures nature, not so much for cities…and we’ve been to thailand sri lanka philippines and my partner now wants something little bit different to see, different scenario im in love with Asia . You could book a cheap flight on Air Asia or Tiger and have 9 wonderful days in different parts of Bali. So it can be a good time for southern Europe, as long as you don’t mind wearing a jacket or jumper during the day, and maybe a bit more in the evening. Do you know much about getting work out in Thai/Cambodia easily? Puerto Rico has a rain forest and quite a few outdoor and nature activities, and it’s probably the easiest Caribbean island to do that kind of trip in. what about bagan? Parents in their 30s, kids will be 5 and 1 end of December when we are planning to travel. Shopping is probably the most famous activity, but there is plenty more, and flights there are quite cheap from Delhi. Ibiza, Cannot go to a very cold plave aginst with an infant wont be right. If you want more information on that, let me know. If it was a beach that was good for surfing that would be a huge bonus, but we also like snorkeling or hiking.